Modern Art, Abstract Art and Large paintings for sale

I am a professional artist creating original works of art

Take a look at the entire portfolio or browse through a small selection of my current paintings below:


Here’s what makes me different to everyone else

I don’t have any formal art training and I’ve never studied technique or composition from anyone. I am 100% self-taught and I don’t have a degree in anything. I’m fascinated by form, shape and colour and I work ridiculously hard at what I do to turn that into something you’ll want to hang on your wall for a lifetime.

Finding that perfect piece of contemporary art can be tricky; I am doing my bit to make it pain-free and pleasurable. This is just one reason why buying into my work is a really shrewd thing to do.

SwarezMany of my paintings get snapped up by a growing number of clients across the globe who really enjoy what I do. In between commissions I paint for the site, photograph as many as time will allow for you to view or buy as originals.

I specialise in big art and very large paintings so if you’re finishing a renovation, re-modelling an interior or simply have a feature wall that’s crying out for something a bit special then call me today because there aren’t many artists that work on a large scale; I do – so you’ve come to the right place. I am based in the UK about 100 miles West of London.

My prices are sensible, my service is unbelievable and I am genuinely a nice guy who will look after you forever and a day. I have collections of original paintings in Dubai, New York, Geneva and many other far away places. I’m crazy enough to think I can take over the world so if you’re not looking for something that will change your life forever then wish me luck for those that are… Thanks for reading this far down, I’m impressed.


A small selection of REAL paintings in REAL homes


Providing the best art ownership experience

  • Original and Unique

    One-off original modern art, never replicated, never copied and all created by me – from the first cut of the canvas to the last staple in the frame.

  • The best materials money can buy

    I use my own formula enamel paints (specially made for me), the finest hardwood frames and am obsessed over the quality of what I do. If it’s not right it goes in the bin.

  • I will bring my art to you...

    Yes! You heard me correctly – I will bring myself and my work directly into your home or living space  – anywhere in the world.

  • ...or view in my own gallery

    I built my own gallery to permanently show over 50 original pieces of my art. Honestly, it’s an incredible space filled with colour and light.

  • Truly International service

    I provide a very personal art ownership experience at any location across the world; it’s the only way to buy into my work. No galleries, no hassle, no crap or red tape; it’s just me, you and our love for what I do.

  • Still not convinced?

    Here are 10 reasons why buying into my work is a really smart thing to do; even though it’s great and life-affirming. No really, it’s definitely worth reading! No need to sit on the fence anymore – just go for it. Life is way too short to worry about what people think.



Don’t just take my word for it; this is the feedback I have from REAL clients

The amazing colours and textures jump out at me everyday. I’d recommend a Swarez because he makes the process a journey that’s unforgettable. Now I own several of his paintings my house has been transformed into a home.

Carole Hindle
Carole HindleBlackburn, UK

I visited his UK studio and painted with him on one of his Painting Experience Days. What an unbelievable thing to do. He’s the most personable and inspiring individual I have met for a long time. His art is just beautiful.

Calli Shelton
Calli SheltonTexas, USA

I bought two smaller pieces of art and absolutely adore them; wherever they hang and whatever the weather they always lift the space and give light and warmth in abundance. Brilliant service to get these across the world too!

Jim Weston
Jim WestonAustralia

We didn’t stop at one painting so we bought three! Each one fills our home with tremendous happiness and individuality. He made the whole journey an unforgettable one. Will buy more in the future for sure!

Michelle Hine
Michelle HineHampshire, UK