Child painting at an easel

No, your 5-year-old could NOT paint that

It’s fair to say that I have my share of critics. Barely a week goes by without some asshole criticizing my work. In every case this is borne out of ignorance, rudeness and jealousy. I have a number of stock replies that I send out in the vein attempt to correct the ill-educated and mis-informed.

seo checklist

Top 10 considerations for an artists website

These days, whether you show with a gallery or not, it’s essential you have a proper functioning website that visitors can go to and browse through. Remember it’s your shop window and will reflect the time and effort you put into it. None of it is complicated if you allow yourself time to learn, time […]

royal academy summer exhibition

Why art competitions are a pointless waste of time

One thing I have learned over the last year is that entering ‘open-submission’ art competitions is, on the whole, as fruitful as trying to empty the Pacific ocean with a cup. One major UK event boasts spaces for 1200 artists’ works from anyone resident in the UK. It carries significant weight with a prestigious name, […]

Modern art called My Cara Mia

My year in paintings; 2012 art review

It’s a great thing to look back at any given year and discover all those great moments you forget as time rolls by. Here’s my highlights of 2012 – my biggest and most successful year so far. Hope you enjoy a few minutes in the relaxing company of some great visuals and a great soundtrack…

art studio exterior sign swarez

Inside the studio; Part One

Original painting called Sea Secret – because most of my paintings are done with enamel based blends I can quite happily stack them up against one another without worrying that they will get damaged or stick to each other. Can’t be dealing with loads of bubble wrap everywhere; besides, my work needs to breathe so […]

stupid dumbass questions

The Top 10 stupid comments I get from people

If you could read some of the random mail I get from people I think it would make your hair curl. Somedays I can’t believe the audacity of some folk. However, I always reply back and always politely so I thought I would list my top ten favourites for your reading pleasure and the kind […]


How music influences my art

We all love music. Fact. It has ways of shaping our moods, relieving us of our worries and taking us to places that few other mediums can. For artists this is a very important thing as it directly affects what comes out of our hands and onto the canvas.

kids painting days

The Art of Teaching Art (to 45 kids)

In a world of conformity and rules it’s sometimes necessary to let everything go. Imagine for a moment that you are under 16 and have little or no interest in reality outside of the opposite sex, drinking and smoking. Imagine  that your puberty-ridden world is about to be challenged by some guy who throws paint […]

painting by CP The Artist

Featured Artist: CP The Artist, Atlanta USA

I have been featuring guest artists across the site on occasions as a way of being able to promote those individuals who’s work spans genres and boundaries – often because of the sheer quality of their art. Charlton Palmer (aka CP The Artist) is no-exception to that constant. I became a fan of his unique […]

Abstract Large Art Painting

Modern Art Review: A Year in Paintings

I can’t believe it’s been another year since I last did my review of 2009. In many ways I am staggered by how far my work has evolved in twelve months. I have painted in more styles, produced more pieces and sold more more art than ever before – despite being in the middle of […]

Swarez actually doing a painting

Get off your arse

My life long work ethic has always been solid: do a good day’s work, achieve lots and sleep well. I don’t shirk, don’t pull sickies and don’t lie about things. I graft, toil and know what needs to be done to get where I need to be – even if that path is a long […]

spitalfields market

Spitalfields Art Market

For the first time ever I am taking my entire collection of original paintings to Spitalfields Art Market in London on November 25th – 28th this year. This bustling and vibrant open air market is the perfect venue for my work – allowing anyone and everyone to get up close and personal with the art […]