My life long work ethic has always been solid: do a good day’s work, achieve lots and sleep well. I don’t shirk, don’t pull sickies and don’t lie about things. I graft, toil and know what needs to be done to get where I need to be – even if that path is a long and complicated one. I am a worker, plain and simple.

I have no time for people who fanny around and piss about. I don’t like time wasters and people who cheat and lie about things because they don’t have the bollocks to say it how it is for the greater good (spineless faggotts)…

So yesterday was one of those extra specially productive days where I threw off the shackles of doubt and my ill health (flu) and got stuff done. Here’s the proof:

Result Number One
I skilfully and vehemently got my way with the local Honda dealership over why my car has so far been in for repair for the last three months. I asked a free service, a free MOT, free labour and a reduction in the excess on my hire car as a way of them compensating me, in part, for the inconvenience of not being able to drive my wicked sliver chariot of doom and being placed, instead, in a gutless piece of crap that your granny wouldn’t be seen dead in. They agreed.working man

Result Number Two
Next I gave the heating contractors a hard time over the non-existent heating in my house. They offered me some fan heaters whilst my parts were on order but this is a bit of drop in the ocean for me so I told them they could waive all labour charges as I was not paying anything…they agreed.

Result Number Three
I completed a web project for a friend yesterday after a three day design phase. Could have easily taken a week or more but I got all the testing done and made everything live in four hours instead of the usual eight.

Result Number Four
Started my first yoga class. Got zoned, focused and relaxed. I decided that being a pansy-faced lazy-arse was not going to get me where I needed to be so I booked it and did it. Yes I wore Lycra, yes I wobbled on my feet and yes I looked like a Fame reject…

Result Number Five
I designed my very first sign for the outside of my new studio. This is a big moral achievement as it carries great significance for me, my art and my brand. I got it uploaded, proofed and printed in eight hours – with some gently applied pressure on the printers! I’m getting it delivered today – boy I can’t wait to get that put up over the doorway – mind you at about six feet wide it may be a little big?

What may seem like random set of completed tasks to you was a good day of work for me. There’s no point going into all the other stuff I did as they are not out of the ordinary for me. However, in the sixteen hours I was awake yesterday I got some big things achieved that have been hanging around for ages.

Dealing with things is good even when you don’t want to. Confrontation can be a good thing as long as you know what you want to get out of it. At no point was I an annoying, righteous shithead which helped. That is a major step forward for me as I normally manage to piss everyone off with alarming regularity.

I have no idea why I bothered writing this but I felt it was worthwhile. Maybe the need to write things down is becoming more important. Along with many things that are changing for the better in my life, discipline and patience are becoming good friends of mine and I have one very special person to thank for that.

It’s strange to think that despite having a stubborn and focused mind full of singular moral boundaries it is the actions of those around us that shape us the most.

We become the person we sit with.

I’m glad I choose not to sit with liars, cheats, wasters, idiots and that special breed of asshole that talks in the cinema.