Connections is a very warm and blissful painting. Contented, chilled and relaxed in every stroke. Big sweeping colour shifts and wide open expressions all connect together through the three white forms in the middle to produce a spirited, centered and very harmonious piece of contemporary art.

Sometimes I paint without thinking and other times I am meticulous with my plans, however, with Connections it was different: there was nothing but me, the paint and a ridiculous amount of contentment and well-being. We all get really happy moments for sure, but when this extends into one continuous wave it moves you into new and exhilarating places; and boy does it feel great! I am also finding ways of letting go more and more; allowing the painting to come to me instead of the other way round. I did that when I painted this; I just shut my eyes for a while and let all the goodness in my world fill me up until I was overflowing. Words, it would seem, don’t do the feeling justice.

Orange, red and yellow are such vibrant and fulfilling colours. I love the way that the richness of the tones compliment the effortless arcs and sweeps as they dance poetically across the canvas. It is, though, the three white movements that connect (there’s that word again!) everything together – and that’s the real secret to this piece – that all the component parts are connected in a real togetherness. I like the way that all the movements co-exist in the same space without confrontation or tension; they all just flow seamlessly together as they merge and meander across each other. As an artist you have to respect that otherwise the painting goes bananas…. Synchronization yes; balance definitely.

Connections is painted in a selection of industrial enamels blended to my own formula. He measures 160cm x 140cm by 44 mm deep. He was painted onto a flat piece of triple primed Belgian canvas then hand stretched by me over a solid kiln-dried hardwood frame (museum graded) and stapled on the reverse.