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Bold and daring this may be but to gloss over the other qualities of this contemporary art painting is to miss its real majesty. Brazen ignorance of almost all the rules of art serve up a complex and stark painting that is as singular and individual as you can find. As a statement this piece has it all. Sometimes it’s good to challenge convention. Click the + to read more:

If you think that  a painting like this is easy then think again. What is easy is the ability to make mistakes. Too much paint in one area can create an unbalanced and chaotic melee of confusion and turmoil. Thankfully Dare was painted using thought, careful placement and intense concentration. Can you imagine how this would look hung on a pure white wall somewhere?

The beauty of this painting technique is to take randomness and chaos and tame it into a controlled and balanced visual feast. Stand six feet away and you get one painting; stand six inches away and you get something altogether different. From most angles Dare is compelling, challenging and without boundaries. For me it is also incredibly free, hugely liberating and as raw an expression of movement as you will find anywhere. I love to paint drip art like this as it flies in the face of all that is acceptable about art. There’s no middle ground with this genre of painting; you either get it or you don’t. Whatever you may think it will always get a reaction. Isn’t that what all great art is about?

If you have doubt over the finesse of a technique that is often dismissed then take a look at some of the close up shots; I have created forms that are so detailed you almost need a magnifying glass to appreciate them.

Dare is painted in a selection of industrial enamels blended to my own formula. It measures 130cm x 120cm by 44 mm deep. It was painted onto a flat piece of triple primed Belgian canvas then hand stretched by me over a solid kiln-dried hardwood frame (museum graded) and stapled on the reverse.

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