Antares is an emotive, simple, yet deceptively detailed abstract painting that is literally bursting with life and energy. Bold black tones are overlayed with vibrant hues of whites and blues to produce a cosmically-inspired piece that reminds me of the birth of a star.

In all that we do in our lives it is the process of re-cycling and rejuvenating that allows all progression. In many ways this painting symbolizes that process; that all around us is in a perpetual state of growth and re-invention.

Art such as this conveys enormous feelings of movement and energy and this kind of explosion of life emanates from all areas of the canvas.

Right from the brightness of the white in the centre all the way to the dark outer lying edges Antares captures the intensity of something big whilst contained in a snapshot of something small.

If you carry on the space theme a little further you can imagine the painting in reverse; like a wormhole or gateway to some other place or time. In fact it is named after a star about 520 light years from earth. It’s a red super-giant (around 700 times larger than our Sun).

Antares is also known as the Heart of the Scorpion (Le Coeur de Scorpion) and is often observed along with the Rho Ophiuchi and M4 nebulae.