Why I like black and white art

Ramesses is one of those rare paintings that fuses together an intensely powerful statement with a free flowing form that instantly connects and resounds. As a piece of black and white art goes it’s singular, brave and intoxicating all at the same time.

There is more emotion in this piece than normal; something I am delving into a lot more these days – finding new ways to connect myself with my art. The results are producing pieces that resonate profoundly.

You buy so much more than a painting when you buy one of my works of art – you get a piece of me; frozen in a snapshot of time: a sequence of glorious and intense moments fused together in one singular expression.

Black and white are at opposing ends of the colour prefecture. Technically they are tonal variations but no need to get into that right now. The differences between black and white could not be more extreme and their function in the creation of art connect more fundamentally than almost anything else in my opinion.

I like being able to use them at their extremes to show how different they can be but also how they very much need each other for their own existence.

Creating this black and white art

A deep, rich black paint has been applied over a semi-glossed cream background to produce a truly singular painting. The volume of paint has been carefully controlled so that you can see multiple ripples or ‘pool’ effects built up on some of the arcs and turns.

Being able to control paint flows to this extent has taken much practice. The addition of white has lifted the piece and added a new dimension; creating drama and intrigue in many of the pools around the painting.

As a statement Ramesses says much about the way I create. This painting is bold, courageous, daring and able to lead ahead without fear or reprise. It has depth and is highly emotive yet is also strong and confident with a welcoming heart.

This painting is no longer available. sorry about that. But if you like your black and white art as much as me then have a look at this selection of other paintings