Stop for a second a think about what you love about art. Now think about how much more involved you can get when you understand what lies in front of and behind a painting.  G6 is a very personal and inspirational contemporary painting.

For once I choose not to talk about how this art was created (actually it was very complex with it’s shaping, blending and balance); instead I want to tell you why it exists and why I call it G6:Remembrance. This is the fourth in a series of paintings with a theme of red, black white and copper/gold accents.

I don’t often revisit a genre of painting style but the three previous pieces have been so well received that I wanted to create a fourth variation. What I didn’t understand at the time was how significant the name would be to what has turned out to be a very emotional piece of art.

World Wars, poppy fields, the blood of our fallen heroes, past and present – all the imagery you want to find is in there. I can’t hide that and nor do I want to. The power of the shaping and accents provoke an incredible feeling of pride and of hope for me; this is a joyful and reflective painting that stops us for a moment and makes us understand the importance of who we are, what we do and why we can never forget what we fight for.

It’s also about following your dreams, of reaching out and of never losing belief. It is pure, expressive and carries very minute detailing – reminiscent of our own lives perhaps? G6 is a very grounded artwork, it reminds us of much, fills us with hope and bewilders us with it’s own fragile beauty. It is also very organic too; like it is evolving and growing in front of our eyes. I like that, a static piece of art that is moving all the time.

Take from this piece exactly what you wish; these are just my opinions, but allow the painting to caress your senses, remind you of why you are here and above all that the future is the most important thing we have for we can shape it into anything we desire. Lest we not forget the reasons why we are here at all.