Drama meets intrigue in an abstract drip painting that is as individual and beautiful as the stellar nebular it shares its name with. With huge and delicate arcs of white and darting flashes of metallic silver and brilliant reds this painting embodies excitement, freedom and expression; in ways that Jackson Pollock would be proud of.

In many ways this style of painting can be interpreted as random but to lean towards that kind of opinion is to miss the point. Drip and pour paintings take meticulous planning and preparation; especially with a limited colour palette. What I have achieved here is an explosive and deeply personal expression of control then made it look like chaos.

I have such an empathy with my paint that I can make it sing and dance across the canvas in ways you don’t get to see everyday. Take a moment to look at the astonishing level of detail in some of the close up photos. It’s all planned out. It has to be else it goes horribly wrong.

I have a respect for the edges of the painting together with a tremendous balance across the whole canvas; with no single area of the painting becoming more or less prominent than another. The secrets are there to be discovered: you just have to be patient and give yourself time to find them.

I guess it’s like diving head first into the nebula itself; such an incredible sight made up of millions of stars and other matter. This is shared with my painting; it’s magnificence is made up of hundreds of gestures all linked and fused together to form one single entity.

Much of this painting owes itself to the art of Jackson Pollock, whose techniques have been given my own interpretation. Red, black and white with a hint of silver have been fused together in a truly spectacular form. The painting has many fractal-like qualities to it, self-replicating on ever decreasing scales.