A long abstract urban-art style painting

I think it can be harder to paint onto a long thin canvas than it is onto a rectangular one – especially for me as I tend to paint using a very balanced style. Painting one side to look the the other is difficult. The colours, gestures and applications should be equally weighted so as not to take your eye into one particular place.

It’s easier to digest a more linear type of painting – allowing yourself to relax and letting your intuition take over is vital in getting the most out of a piece of art. Valentino is a great example of this principle in action.

Despite the heavy use of paint and the free flowing drips and runs there is a great even tone to it. It’s not hard work looking from left to right. I didn’t want to be too precious about using fine brushes or accurate technical skill – instead I opted for a very raw, graffiti-esque method of applying paint.

Keeping the enamel more liquid than I normally do helped me to get the right dripping consistency to some of the earlier, more deep brushwork that you can see underneath many of the later applications.