A long, slim and small sized gold, black and white original

Rich and opulent, this striking contemporary original is small enough to fit almost anywhere but big on impact. Easy colours with unusual phrasing – ideal for that splash of decadence!

Sometimes a painting swims around my head for an eternity; often going through a number of colour combination sand design changes before I feel comfortable selecting materials and cutting canvas. With 10,000 Voices the concept was always clear – a four colour painting that highlighted opulence and rich tones but one that keep colours simple.

Despite the relatively simple colour selection it’s been the way in which to apply them that has caused the most consternation. In the end I decided on a dramatic sequence of layering that pulls together two brand new techniques as well as a confidence in where I have placed them.

The mixing of gold and black enamels is a new one; I have used a new kind of tool and a new chemical to help me manipulate the paint in ways I have not succeeded with before. What results is pure drama mixed with bold colours that will only ever enhance its surroundings and never fight against them.

This is going to look sensational in even the most neutral of spaces; ideal where a little individuality is required without the need to show off.