A Thousand Words

‘A Thousand Words’
is a large black, gold and white abstract painting

160cm x 140cm (63″ x 55″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

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A Thousand Words gold black painting
grey armchair and black gold art
gold and black painting with two chairs
gold paint like cells
side view of A Thousand Words by Swarez

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Combining black and gold

These two colours are a particular favourite of mine and fit really well with each other. I use it as often as I can and here are some other examples of how broad a spectrum of styles I cover with the two colours:

(Newspaper Castles, Damage Control, The Light That Surrounds Me, Terraformer, Bolero)

So with A Thousand Words I decided to do something I had not done with black and gold before and paint, using a drag and remove technique, in sharp angles to the sides of the canvas. Think of it as a giant abstract criss-cross style if you like.

Adding the other colours

Of course it’s not just the black and gold paints that perform here – there is also a subtle inclusion of a light grey and the all important addition of white. In so many of my paintings the inclusion of black and white normally makes or breaks things. And seldom has it been so critical than in this painting.

In fact it’s the reason why the big central cross shape exists as it’s there to break the whole painting up into smaller manageable pieces. If anyone colour took over you would definitely lose all the intricacies and nuances that are allowed by the use of the big central cross shape.

A Thousand Words by Swarez

Picking out the details

Like with so many of my abstract art works the devil is in the detail, and it’s almost become a standard that each of the originals I create works from all viewing distances – especially up close.

So with a painting like this, with its big, bold shapes and defined structure, it may surprise you to know that it is packed full of tiny details, clever effects and subtle nuances of paint that will engage your mind, eyes and brain for a very long time.

I like to build in as much as I can to every painting as I want it to keep on revealing itself, rather than being one-trick pony. When you pay a large amount of money for something I think you should get your money’s worth. I can’t identify a technical terminology for most of the effects but I think they’re all pretty much in there somewhere!

Living with the painting

Well, I think that finding a permanent home for this painting should be remarkably easy. Any neutral palette will do. If you have a penchant for grey then this is going to accent it beautifully.

Any natural material like stone or wood will compliment its earthy, honest demeanour and that bloody gold – there’s no way I can light it properly so you can see how it shines and glows so please find a time to come and experience that for yourself.  The gold makes the painting, no question.

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