Alive and Kicking

If you want a statement painting then perhaps this is exactly what you’re looking for? This is the first painting with a brand new formula of my trademark enamel paints. If the colours don’t get you then the details will; I can’t believe how much fine and intricate detail there is n this contemporary painting.

In areas I have created fractal-like features that react with the aqua base coat (Piaggio scooter green would you believe). These blooms and fronds are mesmerizing to say the least. Coupled with this is the metallic element too.

I have used three metal flake metallics on here; the result is not only a painting that is colourful and rich but one that also reacts to light in a thousand different ways. It is very shiny and begs to be touched. Boy do I love this one.

Some of the close up photos in the slider below show just how reflective the surface is. This artwork delivers on so many levels I could talk about it all day long.

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