A large elemental painting with grey, black and gold tones

This is all about natural elements; rock, stone, soil and earth.
The detailing is epic and it’s taken me some considerable time to get right.

A Rock and a Hard Place

There’s no point me going on about how it looks like rock or that I got inspired by a documentary or visit somewhere – I didn’t and I haven’t. Where this came from is anybody’s guess. Sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions and just get on with things. In fairness though I do like geological topics and in particular seismic events and things that affect the tectonic plates. I guess it was inevitable that something like this would surface sooner or later.

I used another client’s commission to formulate this painting in it’s composition. I had actually found a paint mix that was delivering what I wanted for them but decided to make another identical mix for my own use. I had an idea for a simple and very elemental range of colours but a very complex series of shapes and forms to be created from them.

What you see is four sessions worth of painting and re-applying, including two very different base structures. Though you would have to study it to see there are actually elements of two colours of silver, one metallic and one non-metallic black, gold, red, mushroom, concrete and steel grey in here along with cream and off-white.

Whether it reminds you of rock strata or a weather front, a hurricane or a wizard you cannot overlook it’s gravity. Honestly it’s screaming out for a white wall somewhere. And it’s even more dramatic if you get a spotlight onto it. That’s when you really get to pull out all the tiny and intricate details. If bright colours are not your thing but owning a piece of original contemporary art is then you may like to get in touch.