An abstract painting inpsired by experiments at the Large Hadron Collider

Physics, particles and The Big Bang; as a closet geek I love anything to do with the fundamental questions of life.
With such an interest in these things it’s inevitable that I will create paintings to celebrate that. And this one is by far the biggest and best yet.

A painting and a chair in a modern room

It’s easy to take inspiration from the world that surrounds us but for this painting I wanted to delve much deeper into the things that make up other things and paint using some of the imagery I’ve seen from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) based at CERN.

The magnitude of what the teams of scientists are discovering is unprecedented and is starting to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of how things are what they are how they got here in the first place.

Particles get smashed together at (almost) the speed of light and produce the most spectacular trails and colours when they do. it is this ‘decay’ of the event that interests me for my creativity. You could never imagine nature could do this on such an infinitely small scale. But it does and it’s unbelievable.

So Collider Scope is a true celebration of this. From a dense centre comes a massive explosion of colour and texture followed on by a surrounding wash of complimentary colours and shapes. It’s already a pretty large painting (200cm in the longest orientation) but the red explosion makes it feel bigger; and the total exclusion of any dark colours means it’s a real life-giver.

When I look at this painting it makes me want to go outside, tip my head back, close my eyes and breathe in and out very slowly. Confident, uplifting and bloody gorgeous.