A large abstract painting with red, orange and black blends

This deep and rich painting is all about the colours and how they interact with each other as well as the crossing of paths and things like that.

Two chairs and a large piece of art behind them

What’s in a name? As far as this painting goes then I guess it’s a lot. It was considered during a break away from the studio, something that had been long overdue. It’s a tricky thing when the creativeness goes away from you – it’s a backbone you become reliant upon for survival.

So this painting was conceived after some well-earned mind cleansing combined with seven days in a foreign country. I haven’t used this experience to shape the art but to refresh my ideas. This is the first new painting to be realised after the break. Part of the motivation behind the piece was to look at how paths cross and the effects that continue afterwards.

In life we make decisions that carry us in all sorts of directions and often these are changed by the interactions of others who are doing the same. Sometimes its full of light and other times it’s dark; I’m choosing to represent these opposites with changes in colour and tone. In places the black is dense and thick yet in others there’s the merest hint of it. Same goes for the oranges and reds – all carrying their own unique flavour into the story-line.

The composition in this artwork is remarkably simple – straight lines, that’s it. I like to paint without the need for fuss and complication sometimes, it helps me to understand, and be grateful for, the things we all take for granted. If we choose to strip back all the crap in our lives we really can begin to enjoy it more. That’s something we could all do with remembering now and again.

And for me that’s why the name was easy to choose because every-time we stop and reassess ourselves we’re doing exactly that: coming back to life.