A slim abstract painting in orange, purple and pink paints

I have to say I am over the moon with this new abstract.
What a way to try out some new paint shades! Bingo.

multi coloured painting

This painting is a departure for me in a number of ways.

Firstly it is actually composed of very thin layers of paint instead of the vast amounts I would normally use. I’m using a much thinner version for this piece so that I can manipulate it better and across bigger distances. Keeping it thicker presents problems when you try to move it in big quantities.

Secondly I have chosen a new version of my trusty enamel paints. I’ve changed the pigment ratios slightly so that I can get a more grainy but denser appearance.

Essentially the painting is a sequence of lines that intersect with an opposite version coming the other way. Start and end points are crucial here because the aim is to have them all degrade by the time they reach the middle (or thereabouts). I really like the idea of one thing going one way and one thing going another – a bit like trains going in opposite directions I guess.

For me it’s got bags of energy and personality thanks to the pink, orange and purple playing such a key role in it. I’ve also been very careful to add in some fine details too as you can see below in the close-up photos. I could see this happily hanging above a big sofa; somewhere you can lie down and enjoy it from.