Diamonds and Donuts

Ah yes, minimalism. A concept that’s been around for a hundred years and taken on many interpretations.

If we’re to understand some of the principles of cleanliness, clutter-free and simplistic then Diamonds and Donuts succeeds brilliantly. Whilst no particular genre or label should ever be applied to art (in my own opinion) it’s certainly a good place to begin with this one – especially when compared to other works of mine.

The rich yet understated background of creams and metallic gold perfectly suits what goes on on top; one single black line. An expression that moves and meanders through the painting culminating in an abrupt stopping point. It’s harshness softened by the cushion of lilac that envelops it.

To such a bold and clean statement I added a warming sunset yellow in one corner and a cheeky splash of pink along one edge; what this does is calm the painting down and allow your eye to be caressed rather than slapped yet without losing any of the impact of the swoosh through the centre.

If you’re looking to make a statement but not have to shout about it then this could be for you.