A 5ft circular painting with lime coloured paints

What can you say about this little (big) beauty? I’d like to say less is more but there’s so much paint on this I would be lying.
I know I’m biased but it’s freakin’ gorgeous.


One-off original painting
No prints or reproductions
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity & Valuation Certificate
Heat, UV and fade resistant



152 (60″) Diameter
Can be hung on any substrate or surface (except glass) and in any orientation
Stands out 46mm from the wall

Appearances can be deceptive. What may appear to be a relatively simple painting is, in fact, the opposite. A quick glance at the sheer weight of paint and the small, meticulous blending within reveals a different story.

Like with so many recent works I am using a new medium on this one – aluminium powder. It has some very interesting properties and one of them is to matt down gloss paints. I used it in the orange ‘tail’ part (the only way I can think to describe it). This is in stark contrast to the dense paints used elsewhere, and I mean DENSE. I can’t recall ever using so much and in so many layers. I’ve done my best to show this in the images.

These applications have a wonderful curve to them as they rise out from that sublime green that covers the background – a shade that’s somewhere between lime cordial and asparagus. Details abound in this very mature and charismatic painting; woven into every application. Divergence works beautifully from far way as well as up-close; a definition at odds with how the word can be interpreted. I like to simply express it as a meeting of things, brought together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not textbook but it suits me just fine.

Personally I think of it as a giant Angel Fish


It doesn’t cost ANY extra and there’s no obligation
See as many as you want
Only pay if you want to keep one

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