A circular (2ft diameter) contemporary painting

Small it may be but it’s big on personality. With a clever use of colour and shape this painting easily feels larger than it really is
And with a size that can fit in almost anywhere it’s perfect for smaller walls where art is a must but space is at a premium.

Endless Possibilities circular painting art

How often has it been said that the best things come in small packages?

I’m at odds to accept or deny that statement on the proviso that I also paint very big artworks that are equally intriguing and interesting. But you have to admit that the few small round paintings I have published recently punch way above their weight.

As in most of my paintings I often get sidetracked by one particular colour and, despite always having the plan in my head (well rehearsed), I get thrown off at tangents as my relationships with colours change.

And so too with Endless Possibilities. The base lilac colour was an altogether different shade than I was planning but that single decision to proceed with the base coat radically altered the colours and tones that followed – even if the shapes remained on track.

Funny how the smallest fluctuations can have the biggest impact. Often it will only be me who notices but nevertheless they are there, and that’s always a good thing. It means that my work is always renewing itself and changing faster than I care to think about.

This is a sensitively painted original round painting full of rich colour, very tiny details and some carefully considered expressive movements.