Expanding Horizons

‘Expanding Horizons’
is a stunning radial style painting with a warm yet vibrant colour palette

100cm x 100cm (39″ x 39″)



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Expanding Horizons by Swarez
details of blue pink and orange paint on canvas
square orange and pink painting
close up of spin painting details

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Created in a very unusual way

The great thing about using a rotating platform (often referred to as a spin table) to move paint is that you not only have an infinite number of choices when it comes to paint colours but also the idea of how much, when and where to apply, rotational speeds, duration etc. The variables and combinations, therefore, are bewilderingly large.

Thankfully, that also means that you can have fun experimenting with different ideas and concepts. Sometimes these have a desired effect to achieve and other times they are purely borne from the question: what if?

Asking the questions

In the case of Expanding Horizons, it’s a what if scenario that brings this into existence. The question, to be exact, was this; what would happen if we rotated the platform below and already spinning machine that moves at a right angle to the canvas surface?

So, think of it as a flat rotating canvas suspended below a rotating cylinder moving in an adjacent direction. The notion is simple – catch the paint that falls off and let it rotate as it hits the canvas.

That’s the premise of the concept and what you see is the result. In fact I also did a second one using this unique technique. That will be published soon.

orange and pink spin painting

Every box ticked

I think it’s fair to say that the question and its subsequent practical delivery has yielded something rather magnificent! Not only do you get a subtle series of concentric loops but you also get that Kapow! of the radiating central shapes as they explode from the centre of the painting.

As if that wasn’t enough on its own there is the matter if colour to consider. A deep, warm array of comforting colours led by orange sets the painting up for memories of distant sunsets and sunrises. Then the contrast of that unusual blue, fused with a shimmering metallic gold, pierces through the sky with an unapologetic cascade of energy.

Bring in some magenta and lime for a little razzmatazz and what you end up with is a truly brilliant painting that ticks all those important boxes.

Warmth, energy, light, colour, shapes, texture. You deserve this, you really do. I can have it in your home in 48 hrs so you can see exactly how good it is. Drop me a line below…

details of blue pink and orange paint on canvas
square 100cm abstract painting
close up of spin painting details

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