Forty Mile Town


A long-shaped abstract painting featuring a large spectrum of colours

Seems to me, we’re really living way too fast,
Oh when we should let the story of love last.
Sometimes all I just want to go and drift away,
And move on to some Forty Mile Town.
225cm x 75cm (88″ x 29″)


Forty Mile Town original painting above a cream leather sofa
Forty Mile Town original painting in the studio of Swarez
Red and purple paint brushed onto canvas
Detailed view of Forty Mile Town


The words above are taken from a track by guitar-supremo Eric Johnson from his seminal album Ah Via Musicom; now celebrating 25 years since its release. It’s fair to say that music shapes my work in many ways but it’s his, in particular, that resonates with me so profoundly.

However it’s not the inspiration for the painting but the name I gave it afterwards as it fit perfectly. Colours are numerous and varied. And one of the things I am most pleased with is the subtlety where two or three colours meet each other.

It’s surprising actually because from a distance the painting looks very split with colours each having their own place. A closer inspection however reveals that there are many intricate blends that link these applications together.

Unusually I’ve only used brushes – not something I normally go near to be honest, most of my tools are exactly that – tools! Each time I’m applying paint it’s pre-mixed off the canvas, brush loaded, stroke direction assessed and on we go. In many ways it’s the constant change of direction that helps create the feeling of movement.

Original art clalled Forty Mile Town

The other I thing I feel particularly strongly about is the freedom with which this painting is created.

When was the last time your mind was clear, your hang-ups about life disappeared and you genuinely didn’t give a crap about anything? Guess when my last one was? There you go. Believe me when I say that when you let go the good things happen.

That shouldn’t necessarily be a measure of how good or bad you think this painting is – that’s your own reaction and you own it. Perhaps think about it like this: when you stop trying and just do, when you care not and just exist that’s the truth. There are no further layers to be removed. I am an artist who loves shapes and colours.

So that’s exactly what you’ve got. No interference or dilutions. It’s surprising what actually happens when you find that special place.

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By Eric Johnson


  • Canvas: Scandinavian cotton coarse weave; 365 gsm (11.60z)
  • Primer: Two coats of Gesso applied
  • Base Coats: Not applied to this piece
  • Paint: Enamel paint (12 colours) made to my own recipe
  • Frame: 44mm Museum graded floating frame with 8 tensioning corner wedges
  • Signed on the reverse (so you can hang it in any orientation)