One-off original painting
No prints or reproductions
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity & Valuation Certificate
Heat, UV and fade resistant



160cm x 130cm (63″ x 51″)
Can be hung on any substrate or surface (except glass) and in any orientation
Stands out 46mm from the wall


Being able to create without regard for anything else is precious thing. By that I mean the ability to absolutely let go; no care for money, relationships or the general weight of living. Getting to that place is not always easy – even with the iPod on max volume, your favourite tracks echoing around your head and all the doors and windows closed.

Every now and again though I get there, and what comes out surprises even me. That’s no measure of how good or bad a painting may be – it’s merely another part of the story that lies behind it. Whether you like it or not has no reflection on how it was created. Simple maroon and burgundy coloured paints (with a dash of purple in places) mixes with a bright white and small flecks of sky blue over a stone/concrete coloured background layer.

So this is my creativity in its purest form. I like the explosive nature of the strokes – like they’re radiating from a tiny point in the middle. I like the bits that fly off the edges, I like the mixture of light and dark and the way the dabs of blue poke fun at them.

I like that it’s powerful without being loud and that it also feels very confident; there’s no doubt in this piece, no worry and no influence other than the movement of my hands and the electrical impulses in my brain.

So naming it was easy really. Painting without boundaries just like being in a state of free-fall; nothing but the self and the moment.

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