A large minimal original artwork with blended black, white and yellow

You don’t always need to shout to make a point. There’s a graceful elegance to this painting as well as an edge of uncertainty.
I like adding and element of intrigue into my more minimal works.

Girl on minimal sofa with art on the wall

Using just a few colours forces me to look more intensely at structure and form to compose a painting.

The emerging darkness that comes from the centre is not too heavy to be overbearing but it’s balanced enough (with the lighter shades) to make you know that there’s something hidden under the surface. Like it’s contained and ready to spill out at any moment.

The addition of a single yellow is just enough to add a little warmth and humility to the painting. I’ve blended this with the other two colours at other points too so that I can keep this element constant at key points throughout the painting.

And despite using a good camera and lighting it’s impossible to accurately show how great this artwork looks. There’s a whole heap of fine details and application strokes in it too; something that adds a dimension for those that want to get a little closer to it.

With a neutral colour scheme and easy-going composition this is an original that will pretty much fit anywhere – as long as you’ve got a wall space big enough!