Hold Me, Kiss Me, Love Me

Powerful title, powerful painting

For me this abstract art painting is all about that most basic of human emotions – love. I could write a book about this piece very easily; the passionate, deep red sets off a silhouette of romantic shapes that envelops the central element in a warm embrace. It’s  a painting that makes me smile a lot;  and, despite her very abstractive construction, she feels timeless in the way she communicates. Simple, classic, compelling.

There may not be a vast amount of paint in the painting but where it’s applied it covers the canvas in thick, confident rivers. One of the reasons I find this painting so seductive is the wanton disregard for convention and the over-indulgent use of materials. Yet another aspect that can be attached to the theme of this piece don’t you think? My ‘LOVE’ reference relates to the materials I work with because they help me to create paintings like this.

In portrait orientation I can see a girl being lifted aloft, encircled in a heart shape. Rotate it 90 degrees and I see something different again. Look at the close-ups and you’ll even find a pair of red lips. I think it’s cool to have a painting that changes all the time. How dull would life be if we didn’t embrace change?

Hold Me, Kiss Me, Love Me is an original piece of abstract art was painted in just four shades of my specially blended enamel paints (two reds, white and black) onto a three-times-primed 12oz Belgian canvas then hand stretched by me around a kiln-dried, seasoned hardwood timber frame and stapled, by hand, on the reverse so the painting goes all the way around the edges.

She measures 130cm x 95cm x 44mm deep.

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