A small-sized purple, pink and blue original art work

Crazy? Maybe. Out there? Perhaps. I believe that a painting like this can satisfy a whole range of reactions in one hit
Personally I think it’s funky, jazzy and a great big slice of ‘Kapow!’ – just the right thing to replace those dreary prints of the New York skyline.


Hyper is a style of painting that I love to paint – even if I don’t get chance to do it that often.

Splash paintings can be misinterpreted; the concept of them being easy to paint is one that is misguided through lack of education. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not the Mona Lisa but the key thing about these kinds of paintings is what happens when things DON’T go right – not when they do.

You don’t need to be an art graduate to know what you like and don’t like and it’s the same with poorly executed paintings too. You will absolutely notice when things aren’t right.

In Hyper the key layer is the pink splash layer. It’s from here that the painting is built. Consider the decisions in getting that one single application right: size of container, density of paint, colour hue, viscosity, angle of descent, spreading ability, where it should hit the canvas, rate of post-application flow, quantity to apply… really it’s a sequence of carefully assessed parameters to get as close to what I see in my head as possible.

Then everything else comes from that. In this painting I had a conscious desire to pull the main shape from top to bottom even though it’s perfectly happy to sit in a landscape orientation (with the main movement growing from the sides instead).

It’s a very liberated and free painting. Despite the rules and decisions that go into doing this style it still looks wanton and carefree. That’s one of the great things about apparent randomness – you can take it, control it and remodel it into something great. A challenge I always revel in.