A pink and red abstract artwork with subtle black and purple blends

With more than a passing influence from the Status Quo song of the same name.
A warm and carefree reminder of ice creams on a hot summers’ day

Art hanging above a maroon velour sofa

If, like me, you like to be warm and cosy (all year round I might add) then surrounding yourself with things that promote these feelings is a very reassuring occupation.

The somewhat contradictory title to this painting therefore suggests the opposite (ice) but related into a context that makes me feel of summer, and therefore warmth. To understand the relationship between our interpretation of opposites is to gain an insight into why we feel the way we do about things anyway. Why do some of us need to be warm all the time whilst others can happily live in cooler conditions?

I’m sure the analysts and therapists among you will know the answers but for a lay-person like me I like to think that our actual reactions are only based upon the way we perceive things, rather than how they manifest themselves in reality. If you’re in a room full of two-bar heaters (not switched on) then will you consciously feel warmer than a room without? I love to pose these questions in my head.

It is this principle that lies behind this painting. Can this picture make you feel like you’re eating an ice-cream whilst the sun is blazing down? Maybe it can and maybe it can’t. I know that I painted it specifically with warmth in mind but it was only afterwards that I began to unravel the evident cold that nestles within it. Yet again there’s a theme of opposites in one of my abstracts. Perhaps the greatest understanding we can achieve for any subject lies in the comparison we make against others.

Bu then again, it may just be because you like red, in which case, who cares about anything else?