A multi-coloured, aqua and green contemporary painting

Forget the idea of calm and welcome in a giant slice of Kapow!
There’s no mistaking the movement and energy in this painting.

Blue classic sofa and art

This was always going to be a smaller sized painting than normal. The reason? If I packed this much into a larger one it would be too overwhelming. As it happens this is plenty big enough for the explosions of colour and texture that feature on Implodium.

To get the best from looking at this painting you need to forget every notion of what the textures and shapes suggest; this is definitely one of those art works that is best appreciated with an empty head – a mood that will help make sense of the beautiful details this has in wanton abundance.

If you can make the sound of an explosion in your head then I reckon you’re half way there. Try to forget images of the sea or sky and let the small bits swell into something bigger. When it hits you then you’ve got it. It will present challenges I guess but hey, shouldn’t we all do that at some point or another?

The base is a series of three aqua-turquoise colours that permeate through the entire composition. There’s a stack of other layering and blending techniques involved too – that’s how I get the textural element to the painting (something that’s tricky to capture on a photograph).

I think this is way out there for me – even for some of my abstracts. I like to shake things up from time to time; keeps us on our toes.