A narrow snow and ice inspired painting in blues and whites

Featuring a new curing technique and inspiration from arctic winters, blizzards and the fascination for how ice crystals grow and form (and a little help from a recent comet)


Maybe it’s a winter thing but I’ve always had a tendency to paint more blues and whites during the colder season. I also thought I’d name it after the comet but admit that I knew about this a long time ago – when I had original plans to paint it.

I’ve also wanted to try and recreate the structure of snowflakes for a long time; they are something that has always fascinated me – right from an early age. I love to watch time-lapse photography of how ice crystals grow and form and have finally got to a point of offering up my humble take on what that might be like when committed to paint.

The painting is built up of layers from the outside working in. Darker metallic blue enamel paints for the outer layers and careful, delicate blending of blues move inwards getting lighter each time until the effect of depth is achieved. I particularly like the contrast between light and dark where the white fronds reach out over the darker background.

I have been experimenting with new ideas for a while and finally got one that worked. Can’t wait to see what other colour combinations will look like.