A slim, easy-going multi-coloured original artwork

Effortlessly blended, full of exquisite tiny details and very content to fit into almost any space and colour. Perfect.

A long white room with a piece of art on one side

What this painting lacks in overall size it absolutely makes up for in it’s composition. If ever there was an original of mine that I think you need to be close to it’s this one.

Of course it works from all angles and from all distances but the technique I used on this just begs you to stick your nose right into it and stare. You can see how cool some of the detailing is in the photos on this page but you can only really get a proper handle on this if you see it for real.

Then there’s that palette of colour; nothing too severe and nothing that shouts too loud, yet the overall combination is one of assured maturity and a gracefulness that would not look out of place hanging in a traditional country home or something that has a period status. That’s due to the combination of colour and not letting any of them dominate too much.

It’s refreshing, clean and perfect where space is at a premium or you’re just looking for that one splash of colour without the worry of being slapped across the face every time you pass by. For some strange reason I seem to hear a piano and a double-bass each time I look at it…