black white yellow art

is a long black and yellow art work with grey accents

275cm x 95cm (108″ x 37″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

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black and yellow artwork
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Black and yellow art

Black and yellow art is a favourite of mine to paint with. As with all my creative output I tend to find small pockets of colours and shapes that I enjoy working with more than others. Black, yellow and white are an absolute must whenever I get the opportunity to work with them.

So, it is with pleasure that I bring you Jackhammer. It’s a powerful and unapologetic painting that matches its name perfectly.

It’s quite the statement, doesn’t stand on ceremony and doesn’t have any airs and graces about it. It’s a real piledriver of a painting that is as bold as brass.

A painting with two sides

But that shouty bravado does have a softer side and this painting really is a tale of two halves. Its more serene side can be picked up in the effortless tiny details that fill that enormous central expanse of paint. So too in the calming nature of the metallic gold that is infused along the whole width of this rectangular artwork.

I like the fact that this is a bit of a Jekyll and Hide painting that can thrill and excite as much as calm and relax. I have taken great care to bring lots of small elements together to create one galloping crescendo of attention.

Things like the whisps and loops of black that dance and move in carefree jaunts away from the central mass. It’s also evident in things like the delicate cell structures and the way I have thinned paint to create textures of gloss and matt. It really is quite a feast for the senses when you’re standing in front of it.

black and yellow art

Creating the perfect space

If you are looking for ways to fit this into your life and space, then consider this: you don’t have to have any pre-existing colour scheme to let this in. Anything white or grey is going to love it so stone flooring and materials like slate, wood, metal and glass are really going to help bring it to life.

Add a couple of spotlights and well positioned sofa or two and you’re done. I am a firm believer in creating a space that lets you enjoy your art and we should never shy away from that. After all, your home is exactly that – your home. Surround yourself with the things you love and so that you can feel safe and warm in the nest you create.

Furnish your world with the things that make you happy and the objects that stir the greatest memories and feelings. Your art should always reflect this and so should the space that you create around it. Drop me a line and let me show you how this is going to utterly transform your space and world. And yes, I really do mean that!

Jackhammer by Swarez Art
grey and yellow art

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