modern chairs with modern art

A long pink, silver and gold modern art painting.

Jewel is one of the most ingenious and time consuming paintings I have ever created. Brand new techniques combine with sultry rich colours to produce a truly spectacular and unique work of art.

Whether it’s the overall flowing shape or the bewildering array of individual ebbs and flows that seduce you one thing is certain – this is a piece of modern art that will keep revealing itself for a lifetime. Amazing metallic golds and silvers melt away with a solid pink and ice-cool turquoise in a painting that reminds me of fjords, coastlines and other geographical wonders.

As this is long and slim it’s ideal placed behind a sofa as a focal point for a living room or other social space. So too would it find solace hung lengthways – as I have had it in my gallery. I know I’m going to sound a bit cock-sure of myself but this really is a bloody gorgeous modern art painting.

I’ve tried to paint another one but failed miserably. This will only ever be a one-off I assure you. If you want it then get it quick. I’ve had much interest in it; don’t delay is my advice. I have a new blend of enamel paints now and this new formula is really giving me some amazing results. Fortunately I know what I’m doing so you get to enjoy the fruits of my labour too.