An long, striped original abstract painting

I’m a fan of these colour combinations. Red, purple and blue fit so well together
And then the rogue colour drops in to stir things up a little. Love it.

Long striped abstract art in a living room

Lines are easy to live with. We know this because we are surrounded by them. Their regularity makes us feel comfortable, organised and able to get on with things without the need for chaos and disorder.

Nothing wrong with that in any way. Having opposites to this is also good for a whole array of different reasons. Nothing wrong with that either; chaos helps us make  order in the first place so their existence with each other is necessary.

However, it is perfectly possible to mess around with conformity and discord in the same space. Like the one person who wears an orange suit at a funeral. With this striped painting I added a rogue green stripe for this very reason. The fact it is alone in a sea of other more powerful colours makes no difference – it’s the first thing you see. It’s my version of the orange suit.

It’s beautifully painted too; despite the apparent uniformity of the lines you get from a reasonable distance soon melts into a whole sea of shapes and textures as you move closer in. It’s very much a hand-painted art work; no straight edges are ever used in my line art. Steady hands are key.

I like the easy going nature of the tonal shift from one side to the other; nothing heavy or overbearing but just enough to know that you’ve got a real nice piece of abstract art without it having to take over your life.