A big swirling abstract painted in 42 colours

An elegant and defined abstract in a myriad of beautiful colours, K42 is an adventurous leap into the brighter side of life

large painting

Let me say for the record that my love of circles and straight lines has recently been replaced with curves. I can’t help but love them for two reasons: one is the way in which they change direction and shape and the other is the pleasure I get from painting them. K42 is so named because of the 42 colours of paints I used (more than any other painting I have ever created).

Part of the fun I had with K42 was to challenge my brain to create drama inside the main shape – which is a flowing and sensuous expression. What I’ve done is to paint a huge number of intricate and clever shapes then wrap it all up in a soft and meandering one.

Yet again I seem to be creating with a ying and yang thing going on. What I’ve learned is that the ability to create a reaction is to present opposing things together; a bit like the process of fission in a nuclear reactor. When you shove things together that aren’t supposed to be you get one almighty explosion.

As always I try to pack in as much as I can to each part of the painting. With K42 there’s even more to look at on a close inspection as there is from a distance. I’ve popped in a picture of Adrian holding it (my right hand man) so you get an idea of how big this painting is. Ideally it would suitS an off-white wall (or darker).