Last Horizon

blue and red large modern art

A large square modern art painting with a rainbow of assorted colours

This is a stunning combination of bright, beautiful colours and big bold shapes. Hallelujah!
140cm x 140cm (51″ x 51″)


big square modern painting by Swarez
drag and remove technique on canvas
enamel paints on canvas
white and blue canvas art

Creating big square paintings

I love squares – especially when creating original modern art paintings. I like that you can turn them in four orientations and the balance you can get when everything works out. details of Last Horizon original art

With Last Horizon we have a stunning multi coloured rainbow of a painting that’s packed full of energy and life. It works from thirty feet away as brilliantly as it does from 3 inches away. It really is one of those multi-dimensional paintings that works wherever you look at it from.

Drag and remove

The technique used for this painting is primarily a drag and remove one. I have talked about this in years gone past but essentially it’s a way of applying paint in one place then dragging it to another.

Sounds simple right? I wish it were. The variables that need to be considered before each drag is made are critical and are often numerous in there abundance.

How much paint to apply, where does it need to go, how much pressure to apply, how far does it drag, what shape and direction will it move in, what will it be passing over, what will that do to what’s already there… I literally could write a book on this technique. It was popularised by Gerhard Richter during the 1960’s if you want to see it from a historical perspective.

Last Horizon by Swarez

It’s all in the details

Added to this wonderful series of free movements and epic formations of colour are the details. Time after time I write about how important it is to add details to abstract and modern art paintings. drag technqiue on abstract art

When you pay money for something like art it should be exquisitely made and have the ability to keep on giving for a lifetime. If you suspect that it won’t then don’t buy it – you’ll be bored in a very short space of time.

So in this painting the details are mainly the plethora of tiny cell structures that populate all parts of the canvas. From small pits and troughs to full on mountains and peaks. The level of detailing is really quite extraordinary – even by my standards (and those are already really high).

Full of good things

The whole painting is ridiculously happy and the multiple colour variations add to this on a spectacular level. It twists and turns in all sorts of directions and its ability to catch and cast light is remarkable.

You really should see this for real – it’s every bit as good as I say it is. If I had the room I would definitely try to get this into a dining or kitchen space. In fact it’s remarkably easy to consider a kitchen space for hanging art as it’s usually the centre of the home anyway – consider it, it makes a whole lot of sense seeing as so much time is spent in there. Here are my simple tips on choosing art for your kitchen.

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