Last Horizon

small red and green abstract painting

‘Last Horizon’
is a small painting packed with deep, vibrant colours and forms

130cm x 70cm (51″ x 28″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

details of colourful painting
portrait upright abstract vibrant art
details of colourful painting

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The what and the how

Last Horizon is a small contemporary painting featuring a wealth of vibrant colours. It comprises red, purple, pink, blue, gold, lime green and a touch of sunset yellow.

It has an uplifting quality about it that I really enjoy and one that never ceases to engage me and pull me in. I think this is a crucial part of any abstract painting – its ability to draw you in to the story and let you finish it off for yourself.

Paint layers and forms

There are some truly stunning forms in this painting. For me it almost feels cloud-like in some areas in the way that shapes are formed. Yet in other parts, especially as you move in closer, it feels like something otherworldly.

There is a density to the blue that sucks you in completely and yet a move over to that piercing red that cascades across the centre reveals a strong heart right n the middle of the painting. It’s the part that breaks everything up but also the bit that brings it all together.

small multi coloured vibrant painting

Textures and details

The sheer volume of paint applied in this vibrant coloured art means that there are some fantastic textures and reflective variations at work here. As you move around it and catch it in different angles of light you reveal all kinds of surface textures that are impossible to capture with a camera.

Added to that are the details and finishing touches – all of which you can only really appreciate if you get in very close. This is the beauty of a painting like this -0 it’s ability to command attention and provide wonder from any viewing distance you care to look at it from. Nice!

red and gold art
Last Horizon abstract art by Swarez
red and gold art

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