Leap of Faith

Square orange painting

An abstract square painting in pink, orange and purple colours

A brand new blend of my trusty enamel paints have been used for the first time. The first major revision in three years. And it’s beyond what I had planned. When everything fits into place the special things happen.


Taking a leap of faith

Well now, what’s in a name? Perhaps in this case there’s rather a lot. Life throws us many obstacles; getting over them becomes an art unto itself. And so it was with my paints that this new direction has come about.

Owing to some concerns over my health I decided to look into a new formula for my enamels – one that would have less of an impact on my respiratory system. My first ‘leap of faith’ was to let go of the current recipe and give in to something new. After working with my paint supplier I got hold of a new blend in November and have been busy practicing ever since.

Using the new style paints

I had to come to terms with the possibility of losing some of the characteristics of the old version that has become so well associated with my style. But then I’m only ever going to have one pair of lungs so the decision, in the end, was an easy one. I’ve had a few months of learning with the new recipe and have found that they have very different bahviours to the existing ones. And so I feel that my art will change because of that when I use them.

I will still use both types but I already know that they have to make changes to the way in which I apply the paints, so I have to place even more trust in myself and my materials to deliver what I’m looking for in my work. So this is my leap of faith – the hope that the new materials will take me in another direction that will make what I do better than before.

New materials, new directions

On a personal note I think it’s a corker! Who can’t love pink and orange? Tell me you’re not warm, uplifted and wrapped in a giant embrace when you look at it? OK, so it will be different for each of us but the fundamentals of colour and movement never shift. And thankfully I still have all those in abundance with the new paints. Can’t wait to see what I come up with next.


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  • Canvas: Scandinavian cotton coarse weave; 365 gsm (11.60z)
  • Primer: Two coats of Gesso applied
  • Base Coats: Not applied to this piece
  • Paint: Enamel paint (4 colours) made to my own recipe
  • Frame: 44mm Museum graded floating frame with 8 tensioning corner wedges


This short film of mine celebrates the art of pouring paint.

Pouring paint from a pot