Two large abstract paintings, sold as a pair, in orange, grey, gold and black

Powerful, demanding and compelling; 3 words that visitors have used to describe these two abstract paintings.
Can’t argue with that.

two chairs and some contemporary art

I speak very openly about my work and try to use the most appropriate words to describe them.

Like Father, Like Son is perhaps one of those that absolutely needs to be written about but ultimately one that should be judged by looking at it. If I suggested that the apparent darkness in the paintings actually feels the opposite then I wouldn’t be lying. If I mentioned how deep that orange goes then I would be doing it an injustice and if I talked about the depth to each and every swirl and curve then I would be selling the painting short.

This is a painting that demands to be kept close to you. I’ve sat and stared at if for hours before finally being able to write about it. Even now I’m finding it difficult to know where to start.

It’s ability to stir up a reaction is amazing – as those who have seen it so far will confirm. It’s palette of colours and demeanour will not suit everyone but the sheer presence it has and the fiery, flaming nature of its composition burn right through the canvas. It’s neither light or dark in my opinion, nor is it necessarily needing company – like a sofa or chairs; instead I believe it should stand on its own somewhere, unfettled by any distractions.

If the moody blacks and greys fail to get you then try concentrating on the gold and orange instead then start picking out your own shapes; something you’ll be doing for a lifetime.