Living on a Prayer

metallic gold original art

‘Living on a Prayer’
is a stunning gold and copper painting with accents of black and white

150cm x 150cm (59″ x 59″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

Living on a Prayer art by Swarez
liquid gold and black art on a wall
gold and white paint details

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The materials and colours

Living on a Prayer is a large painting created with the most stunning metallic gold and copper colours. Added to this is a little black and white and a hint of silver. It has the most stunning array of details and features that also boasts a fine, iridescent metallic flake. You can see this on one of the photos on the page and is a breathtaking effect.

It’s difficult to photograph but if you catch the light in certain ways the reflective properties create a dancing series of sparkles that has to be seen to be believed. Far from being a novelty, this feature adds the most unexpected twist to the painting and is the very first time I have tried the addition of metallic flake whilst using my spin table to create a painting.

Watch here how this large gold and copper painting was created.

Details and finish

One of the most surprising thing s about this painting is the way that light is reflected across the surface and the amazing textures that are revealed. It’s particularly prevalent where the copper is applied and this is mainly due to the way n which it thickens as it is spun. This helps me achieve a layered finish as the paint cures and, depending on the number f spins and the speed, I can control exactly how much paint stays and how much gets thrown off.

The overall finish is simply magnificent. The sheen, the lustre and the depth are pretty amazing if I do say so myself. So, if keeping with a monochrome and gold colour palette is of great importance then this painting gives you the opportunity to celebrate the joy of owning a contemporary original without it slapping you in the face every fifteen seconds!

It’s an explosion of good things and has just about the right amount of everything to satisfy the most critical of tastes.

gold and copper spin art painting

copper paint explosion
gold and copper modern art painting
metallic flakes of paint on canvas

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