A light, relaxed painting in a neutral colour scheme with splashes of black, red and pink

With a palette of soothing and natural colours this painting is all about constant states of change; covering everything from subtle alterations to giant leaps

green sofa and yellow carpet

The name of this original yellow and neutral-based painting is the plural of Metamorphosis, suggesting a number of changes rather than a singular one. This is key to the painting as it carries a number of distinctive ‘change’ points. Some of these are gradual and some are abrupt.

The overriding theme though is that change is a constant force that we all experience, whether it be slowly or quickly, subtle or major. From the beginning I wanted to convey this in a shape format rather than a colour one; I knew that by using a more relaxed and neutral based colour palette I could emphasize the change points better by using stronger, more formal colours as the highlights – rather than relying on my usual blend of primaries.

Whilst the overall colours are yellow and black and yes, it does have more than a passing resemblance to a bumble bee on acid, this a calm and peaceful art work that reveals itself the more it’s looked at. For a painting with gentle flowing movements and a deep, cavernous black it’s the details that really bring the piece alive. If you scroll through some of the close-up images on the sliders you’ll begin to see how small the details go and how much there is to this original.

I’ll be very happy if I keep this in the gallery for a very long time (selfish I know, but true).