A very big, multi coloured striped painting

In the chaos of life it’s nice to be able to rely on the regularity of order.
But it’s also good to indulge and be carefree and decadent.
This is a huge abstract that spans these two extremes.

Woman on sofa and striped art behind her


I’m not sure whether it’s the colours that you see first or the sheer size of the painting. It is very big and worth pointing that out from the beginning. At nearly six feet tall and 9 feet wide it will not only need a significant width of wall space but also plenty of height.

One of the cool things about this style of abstract art is that on one hand it doesn’t require too much effort to appreciate it – making it ideal for grand hallways, a sunny south-facing day room or conservatory or indeed an open plan living/dining area. It’s very happy to hang without human interaction and without fuss or drama when you want it too. Its sunny and happy nature will lift almost any space and won’t fight you for attention.

However, it also turns into a dazzling centre piece when needed; its dramatic rise and fall of paint, the sensational tonal depth between colour blends and the way that each line has been applied by hand using a syringe; all these elements are brought together in one crescendo of colour that looks as if its dripping off the wall. It is an intense piece of art and it will always remind you of that each time you walk past it. Lines may be regular and linear but they are also regimental, disciplined and will do not falter or deviate. They are final, definite and unstoppable. I really do think that something that looks simple, like this, has a very revealing nature as you start to delve a little deeper.

It is also beautifully executed and superbly painted. The stripes of colour are not straight because I painted each one by hand; yet as you move around it you get the sense that they have all been applied with precision and a ruler. I really like the stops and starts too. By this I mean the way that I chose to end some of the paint applications before I took them all the way the bottom. It’s a deliberate ploy to help your eyes find a few break points. These are essential to prevent yourself going mad. Trust me, I’ve painted like this with dead accurate lines from one side to the other and it really does make you dizzy. The addition of certain thicker stripes effectively does the same thing – it adds a break for you to adjust and carry on.

And like all of my art you can rotate it and change the look completely. I’ve shown this in the slides above.

Overall I think this painting is enormously cheeky, deceptively mature yet playful at the same time. It will give you warmth yet excite you. It will be quiet when you need peace and sing and dance when you want to party. But above all it’s a celebration of the extremes of life and the colours and emotions that produces.