A powerful, vibrant contemporary original artwork

Sometimes it’s the unlikeliest combinations that work so well.
Everything about this painting shouldn’t work but it does.
OK, so it maybe one for the purists but at least you can’t ignore it.

Light coloured sofa with art hanging


One thing I really enjoy doing is combining colours. In many ways it allows us to convey a whole plethora of emotions, ideals and suggestions.

Occasionally I like to go that little bit further and explore the contrasts and effects that colours have when they get put into combinations that really shouldn’t work. The trick to finding the balance for these kinds of paintings is to be considerate over the amount of space each colour takes up and also the kind of shape it evolves into.

The success and failure of my work (as I perceive it on my own head) is largely down to these factors. If a shape doesn’t feel right then the painting isn’t right. If a colour isn’t right it gets remixed. If the ratios cause me to feel pulled to one side then it gets rolled up and put aside for another day.

However, when you stick your neck out a little bit further you can be rewarded with a painting that fuses these elements together beautifully. That’s not down to a taste thing necessarily, more down to the bringing together of key elements into a single mass.

It’s this concept of a single mass that moved me to title it so. The bringing together of colour, shape and ratio inevitably brings movement – in the overall directional flow and also within the individual applications. This painting is in constant motion.

For me the one thing I love about this more than anything is that blue. I had it specially made for me and it contains a metallic powder that catches light. The lustre is deep and rich and I have made it blend into the background at certain points as well as keeping it raised in others. Looks fantastic.