A narrow blue abstract original painting

A ton of colour, amazing detailing and a rich textural element make this painting a real feast for the senses.

Neverwhere painting hung on a stone wall above a sofa

There are three fundamentals I like about painting. Colour, shape and texture.

Sometimes it can be tricky to get the third one in as I often use such thin layers of paint the finished effect still feels smooth and even. Once in a while though I seem to be able to come up with a painting that satisfies all three. Neverhwere is one of these.

And it’s perhaps the textures that reveal the most about this painting; a very difficult thing to capture on a camera. So if the colours aren’t deep and rich enough for you or the cascades of blue don’t stimulate a reaction then the undulating textures should do the trick.

These three elements have created a very cool painting and, if blue isn’t your thing, then that’s OK. I like blue and the coolness it possesses – along with thoughts of the oceans too. It’s not too flash but has presence. It’s calm but also energetic. I think that mixing opposites into the same painting can bring about some great reactions and memories. I would hate to be creating one-dimensional art.

This is going to look fantastic in a large, open sunny space, like a conservatory or atrium. It could look equally stunning hung vertically in a light stairwell or study. Once you see it with sunlight upon it you’ll see just how those textures bring the whole piece together.