Night Waves

Night Waves abstract painting by Swarez Art

‘Night Waves’
is a uniquely individual painting created with a series of deep, rich colours

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

turquoise and black paint on canvas
square large abstract art
pink and aqua paint

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From darkness to light

Night Waves is a square original abstract painting created with a mix of black and sliver (for the background layer) and fuchsia pink and turquoise for the foreground. I am fascinated by big piercing shapes of paint and especially ones that bristle with energy as they move.

And there’s no shortage of drama and intrigue either; this painting feels alive from every corner. Even in the depths of the deep, rich black there is life and energy. The entire background layer is peppered with tine details that appear as you move in and disappear as you move out – it’s such a great effect that has to be seen with your own eyes.

There is a large volume pf paint applied to the top layers which means it feels textural in places – especially where the top meets the base. This allows light to play some interesting tricks on you as you move around the canvas.

Accents and colours

One thing you certainly can’t miss is that bright fuchsia pink that pierces through the central paint layers. It’s lustre and intensity is the perfect offset for all that monochromatic mayhem that surrounds it. In fact it feels quite unexpected if you take it in isolation, but perfectly at home when placed in context with the other colours

And those other colours – a vibrant turquoise aqua blue/green and a few hints of Royal purple – play a critical supporting role in allowing the pink to have the platform to do its thing. Purple is the carrier and turquoise is the calming influence. Everything has a relationship to everything else – so now you know!

It’s definitely one of those more considered paintings of mine – I think you have to love the colour combinations primarily and then not be afraid of something with this much black in it. In fact, it’s a lot easier to live with than you might think. A lot of that is down to the ‘rising’ nature of the paint. The general flow is one of upwards movement towards the light and that’s a universal constant that never needs a degree to understand.

black white a fuchsia pink art

details of turquoise painting
aqua and pink coloured big art
close up of Night Waves by Swarez Art

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