A modern painting in bright orange, vivid yellow, dusky pinks and deep purples

With a deep ravine in the centre, a thousand different details and a beautiful combination of colours this painting will add warmth and interest to almost any space.

golden sofa with a painting hanging above it

One of the most distinctive things about No Place Like Home is that it features a deep, wide ravine created in the centre; created for specific reasons.

One of which was to break up the painting sufficiently to add a little drama but also to give your eye a focal point as it travels round the canvas. Sooner or later you have to stop and take a breath. The split itself carries no further justification other than it needed to be in there; a process I have developed to chemically separate the paints on the canvas – a bit like parting the red sea, so-to-speak.

I think of tree-top canopies on fire and deep caverns when I look at this, but we’ll all see something different. That’s the cool thing about many of my modern art paintings – if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what should I be looking at?’ or ‘how do I interpret art’ then perhaps it’s time to abandon those ideological doctrines and develop your own theories.

This original painting will bring a lot of warmth to a space but also plenty to look at. It’s going to be ideal if you’re looking for a painting to go on a decent sized wall where the room feels cold or dark. It will be like having a carnival in there every time you walk in. A bedroom would really benefit from having this hanging in it in particular; the colours and shapes are very harmonious.