Permission to Land

‘Permission to Land’
is a large square modern art work formed with criss cross shapes

170cm x 170cm (69″ x 69″)



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Permission to Land - modern art by Swarez
large square coloured art work in a dining room
red white and blue pearl effect paint on canvas
purple and yellow criss cross paint strokes
video of abstract painting being done

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What is this?

Permission to Land is a square modern art painting created with a series of interlocking and overlapping criss-cross lines that have primarily been dragged in a 45° angle to the uprights.

It was created using a series of multi coloured paints  – each one applied in turn and in an evolving sequence. You may also like to know it was created live on one of my live stream Wednesdays on YouTube (see the image above and click it)

New pearl paints

This was the first time I used a range of specially formulated pearl effect paints. I have been working with my paint supplier to find ways of making my enamels feature a pearl style sheen to certain colours.

In a lot of them we succeeded but some of the colours were, on opening the tins live on air, a bit crap. So I avoided those like the plague.

I also mixed up some pearl powders with the base resin of my paints so I had those on hand to use too. In fact these have added another gorgeous shimmering depth to the painting.

large multi colored square art

Squares, order and chaos

I really like things that are uniform in shape. Squares are a particular favourite of mine – as are circles. Added to tat is my love of lines. So putting these two things together makes me ridiculously happy.

However, to bring the story to a close there would be to miss the point completely. In fact the whole point of the painting is to challenge the rules of conformity and restraint by what goes on inside the shapes I have created.

I may be a complete obsessive over order and containment but I only operate like that to allow me to go completely nuts within that framework.

I think it must be my way of being able to let go – by letting it all out inside a set of rules. Think of it as chaos with a fence round it. Have fun and go mad by all means but use that freedom responsibly. Mine is contained (just about!) but always wrestling on that edge.

The colour combinations

Okay so they are many and varied and this is definitely a multi-coloured painting from all angles but the main protagonists of tone are purple and yellow – two colours that really don’t like each other if you believe all these knobheads and their colour wheels.

So who acres about that then? I certainly don’t and I like to challenge the notions of what works and what doesn’t. Sure, much of this will be experienced on a personal level and there are definitely some colour combinations that don’t work but this is not one of them. In fact it works magnificently.

And why?

Because of the context of all the others around them (purple and yellow). And that, my friend, really is the absolute of understanding and appreciating anything contemporary or abstract – that it is to placed, viewed and judged contextually within and against itself.

yellow criss cross paint strokes
red white and blue paint on canvas
multi coloured paint strokes
red white and blue paint on canvas

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