A big purple, pink and neon-blue abstract art painting

A brilliant neon-bright blue combined with a deep, indulgent purple are set off against a shocking pink and elements of black.
You want a colourful piece of art? You got it!

blue abstract art


Along with a similar painting I created (Spectral Haze) this all-new abstract pleases me greatly. And here’s why. One of the things I am is a chemist – self taught obviously. I spend large amounts of my life experimenting and researching the way chemicals and their molecular structures change when combined with each other.

The blue you see on this big painting is not actually painted onto the canvas. I used an aqua and a teal blend only. The reaction to a well-practiced method of pigment separation is to create blue, even though there is NO blue pigment in any of the paints I used.

Just as well really as I couldn’t get the shade of blue I wanted anyway, so I found a way to change it at an elemental level. How cool is that? Neon-blue from a light green paint.

The result is spectacular. The colours are rich and vivid, the patternation (obtained from another technique I created) is crazy and the sheer presence of this artwork is absolute. I cannot imagine this in anything but a large open space with a single feature wall.

Maybe if you have a neutral palette of greys and off-whites you have a place in need of some authority. And with a colour range like this you’ll have no issue matching it to the rest of your interior decor. Can’t wait to see this hung next to a stainless steel staircase…