is a stunning lime green painting with a series of coloured loops and twists

200cm x 90cm (78″ x 35″)


includes UK delivery and hanging

abstract art behind a sofa


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details of Resonance by Swarez
rectangular large original modern art
red paint details

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Oh the colour!

Resonance is a stunning, multi-coloured abstract painting featuring a lime green background layer with a series of interconnecting loops and sweeps over the top.

I painted this live on one of my weekly live stream broadcasts and it turned out to be one of the most popular I have ever done. That could be a combination of the colours I have sued and also the fact that I rarely do this kind of abstract in front of an audience.

But whatever the case, it came out unbelievably well and one I am very, very proud of. If you watch the stream and follow the commentary that statement will make a lot more sense.

Stunning details

The painting features some very complex shapes and the placement (and volumes) of paint have to be considered carefully at every turn. Layering is the key to producing these effects, so the sequence of colours is also another factor to be considered.

Some colours even have their own type of movement – like the back for example – which only features in small arcs through the centre.

Big colours like the metallic blue and red are more prominent in volume but are then sitting towards the back as they form the underpinning of the foreground layers.

The result of this decision-making process is a painting that has some truly astonishing levels of detail. Some of the close-up photos will show you wat I mean. Tiny rivers and cells appear then disappear; minute tonal shifts flow effortlessly across the canvas until they merge with another colour. Amazing!

lime green abstract painting

Textures and details

Then there are the textures. It’s impossible to show those with a camera, despite trying my hardest. It is the action of standing in front of it that reveals the true depth and range of the painting finishes. Even I am taken a aback and I painted it!

But it’s the colours that really take my breath away. We have already mentioned the orange but consider also the piercing lime green that is beautifully broken up by metallic gold.

Then there’s the deep aqua blue that brings the warmth of the oceans with it. And at every stage the painting is warm and organic. It’s exciting yet tranquil, fresh yet familiar. I love the way it ticks so many boxes at the same time.

details of enamel paint on canvas
Resonance original art by Swarez
dark blue paint loop

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