A moody, black and white painting inspired by the works of HR Giger

Resurrection is a dark and brooding original artwork that takes some of its inspiration from the artist who created the aliens for the Aliens film franchise.

black and purple minimal art

Firstly let me say that this all-new piece of modern art is not necessarily as dark and twisted as you might think; instead I think it’s more of an expression of what I can do with just black, white and a hint of purple (and an adoration of the drawings of HR Giger – from whom this painting is inspired).

He’s probably most famous for his work on the Aliens film franchise and it’s fair to say that’s where I know his work from. However, the shapes and forms shouldn’t really suggest aliens like the ones in the films; I prefer to think of the darkness as an embryonic development of life – in whatever form that suggests to you.

Some of the detailing is fantastic and I have worked very hard on this to avoid a black sludgy mess at all costs. It’s extraordinarily beautiful as you move closer in to it.

If you aren’t a fan of light and dark, and the paradigms it manifests, then at least appreciate the technique in achieving effects like fur, teeth and bones – things people have told me they see in it. On a positive note I like to believe that Resurrection is a painting full of hope; a notion that all life can be re-created in a constant cycle of regeneration.

I used six new techniques on this one; having gone through a number of experimental stages before committing to a finished piece I considered good enough to make public. I practice very hard to make the difficult things look easy. Try covering 23sqft with a 3ml syringe…