very big lime and pink art

A large contemporary artwork with an exploding lime green on a pink background

Reverberation is all about the way that energy flows around us. Like a sound wave that bounces and reflects or a charge of electricity rushing through a cable; I imagine how things burst into existence

When I began to consider this painting and it’s composition I was listening to Rush, a band I have enjoyed for decades, and in particular a track called ‘Spirit of Radio’. One of the lines in this tune is:

‘Invisible airwaves crackle with life, bright antenna bristle with the energy…’

So I got to thinking how I could translate the forces at work in the waves and data that travel around us into something you could look at. The choice of colours was deliberate; the need to convey energy being uppermost in my mind.

The painting is built up from a number of layers applied in separate sittings. Strict control over when and how each application is considered allowed me to create a deep textural effect that needs to be touched.

I think that when a painting becomes tactile you can become more connected with what it’s trying to say. My message is simple: feel the buzz all around you and let it in.

Th subtle use of contrasting colours helps define the two main ones. Part of the ability to define a colour (and its importance on the canvas) is to set it off against the ones that help you achieve this. incorrect choices make a painting difficult to look at – especially with such vivid colours like pink and lime green.