Riotous Behaviour

Riotous Behaviour by Swarez Art

‘Riotous Behaviour’
is a large square abstract art work made up of lines and blocks

130cm x 130cm (51″ x 51″)


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lines abstract art
details of abstract painting Riotous Behaviour
pink and blue paint on canvas

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What a riot!

Indeed, this new multi coloured abstract painting is an absolute blast!

Not only do we have a plethora of vibrant colours to soak up but also an arrangement of block shapes (that move at intersections) composed a different lengths and thicknesses.

I painted this during a live stream broadcast recently and had great fun doing so. Judging by the reactions during the event it would appear that those who were watching enjoyed it too!

I had conceived the whole lines and linear thing the previous week and had been desperate to do a painting full of blocks and right angles.

Just because you opt for this as a concept doesn’t mean it has to be boring or mundane. That’s why I chose the colours I did, the block shapes and the layout. You can really have some great fun with the simplest of elemental shapes – in the case it’s essentially lines.

The prefect size

It has a finished size of 130cm square so its pretty much perfect for any wall. It’s not too small that it fades into the background and not to big that it smacks you in the face. Anything it may lack in size is more than made up for in impact.

And boy does it have that in droves. First the searing pink and turquoise hits you – the visual equivalent of eating Haribo and gargling mouthwash at the same time), then the shapes calm everything down and you find yourself being shot from one side to another and then up and down, like some kind of dynamic city of the future where everyone is darting around everywhere.

But don’t panic though; Riotous Behaviour has a more gentle side and much of that is noticeable when you are much closer in than just a walk past. There are some exquisite details and very fine paint finishes.

It’s not just a brutal and joyous attack on the senses – it’s measured, balanced, reassuring but, above all, beautiful.

lines painting called Riotous Behaviour

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